Saturday, March 06, 2010

SD48 update

Our dynamic Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, stopped by our BPOU!

In my first BPOU convention as a resident of SD48, I have to say there was an excitement and energy I've rarely experienced in such a venue. We met Saturday at Anoka City Hall where all the delegates literally couldn't fit into the meeting room!

We were fortunate to receive campaign visits from gregarious people like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, both of whom enhanced the energetic buzz about the room! And just as Emmer and wife Jacquie exited the convention, the other favored GOP candidate for Governor, Marty Seifert, walked in. Seifert also delivered a very impassioned speech, which gives me some comfort if Emmer (my choice for Governor) does not emerge as the Republican candidate.

As for the local House and Senate races, all candidates received unanimous endorsements. While the GOP endorsement was something that eluded Rep. Jim Abeler (HD48B) two years ago, his constituents clearly have forgiven his 2008 vote on the mass transit subsidy Transportation Bill. On a more lighthearted note, when I saw Rep. Abeler later on, he motioned to me and said "Look, I got my haircut!" I guess he found my blog post where I took a cheap shot at his shoulder length hair.

But I digress.

Early projections indicate sweeping GOP gains in both local and national elections come November. I guess it's not too shocking the motivation that can boil over in freedom-loving citizens when our Federal government is poised to take over health care and enact Cap and Trade. Add that to the takeovers of the auto industry and certain financial institutions, and you have a government who controls over half of this nation's economy.

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound very much like a "free" society to me. And that is why I'm ready to roll up the proverbial sleeves and get ready to work over the next eight months.


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Anonymous said...

Personally, I regret allowing Abeler to escape with a "unanimous" endorsement. Several delegates came up to me afterward and told me they wanted to say "NAY" to the unanimous endorsement. Abeler is still a RINO. Anyone who looks at Abeler's voting record since 2005 can come to no other conclusion. Abeler's taxpayer league rating last year was 40%, absolutely atrocious.