Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can I add an "AMEN" to the end of this?



Mark Heuring said...

Interesting points on Boggs' part. Not sure I agree about the owners: I'd be willing to wager that the owners of Cubs, Cardinals and Giants made more money because of Sosa, McGwire and Bonds than they had "stolen" from them. But the rest is spot-on. Thanks for finding this, Brad!

Brad Carlson said...

Yeah, I definitely think the owners benefited quite nicely from the rejuvenation in baseball's popularity in 1998. After all, they handpicked Bud Selig to be Commissioner. Selig, in effect, did nothing to curb allegations of performance enhancing drugs because baseball was perilously close to irrelevance after the '94 players strike. That's not to say that Selig knew the extent of the abuse but McGwire's use of "andro" in '98 should have been a red flag.