Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Timing is everything.

At the urging of some of my co-workers, I decided to get on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It’s a really great social networking website that has allowed me to reconnect with friends, distant cousins and former co-workers whom I have not heard from in years.

So everyday for the past two weeks I’ve thought of someone whom I could look up. Yesterday it happened to be my third cousins from Rochester, MN. I sent a “friend request” to Jenny and Angie but did not see a FB listing for either Jason or Chris. I heard back from Jenny within a few hours. Since I was on lunch, I only had a quick minute to browse her site. I saw on her photo album that her and husband Joe just had another child.

Since Jenny is the daughter of my Mom’s cousin, I decided to call my Mom to let her know of the new addition. But when I called her I was informed of some awful news. Jenny’s younger brother Chris had been found dead near where he worked in California. He was only 27-years old.

It’s amazing how things work sometimes. I hadn’t thought much about my Rochester relatives since I last saw them at, ironically enough, a funeral a little over three years ago. Then out of the blue I decide to contact them in what has to be their darkest hour as a family.

I said some extra special prayers last night, that’s for sure.


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Mark Heuring said...

Wow. My prayers are with the family, too.