Thursday, January 08, 2009

How does "Senator Franken" grab ya?

I haven’t opined on Al Franken being declared the winner of Minnesota’s Senate seat because so many others have covered it much better than I ever could.

But the one thing I have been kvetching about since mid November is the fact that the Coleman campaign basically seemed content to sit on a 250 vote lead as the statewide recount commenced. By the end of election night, Senator Coleman had approximately a 700 vote lead. Somehow between election night and the time the election day results were certified by the Secretary of State’s office, that lead dropped by almost 500 votes. How is that possible??!! Again, that is a question that should have been broached by Norm Coleman himself.

Did that mean there was fraud? Not necessarily. But the fact the Coleman camp didn’t demand some transparency on how their lead deteriorated was where they blew it. To me, their contesting the recount results in court now is the equivalent of starting to train for a half marathon the week before the event. Too little, too late.

So we here in the great state of Minnesota have to endure six years of having an absolutely disgraceful and despicable human being represent us in the U.S. Senate. The maddening part is a mere 42.5% of those casting a ballot actually voted for Franken. But don’t expect me to elicit some knee-jerk response on how we need to adopt Instant Runoff Voting in this state. If we in the Republican party can’t put forth a candidate who doesn’t trounce a putz like Franken by double digits, then we get what we get.



Paul (Admin) said...

Liberals always TALK about cutting spending and lowering taxes. But then they get into office, and their true colors and intentions shine through. Liberals (and unfortunately some Republicans now) are all about big government, more spending, more government hand outs (which drives up spending) and higher taxes. My problem is that while Norm is a far superior choose to Al, Norm has not exactly had a stellar Conservative record over the last few years either. He has jumped on the "green" bandwagon with Gov. Pawlenty with both feet, he voted "yes" with the democrats on the bail outs, voted with the democrats for the AMT relief, voted with the Democrats to NOT reduce the amount of funding (35 BILLION) to help combat world AIDS, TB and malaria, etc. I am certainly hoping that for the next Senate election, we actually get a true Conservative to run. Someone who will actually fight for lower taxes for everyone; including the "rich", will vote to reduce spending, decrease the size and reach of Government, vote to end all the silly green initiatives and all of our other Conservative values and principals that have gone by the way side. Check out for more insight. Comments are welcome there also. Thanks!

Paul (Admin) said...

PS- I like the blog Brad. I am new to the blogging community and found yours on a search engine. I like how you lighten the load sometimes with sports talk. You haev some great posts. Keep it up!