Saturday, August 09, 2008

Down the stretch we come!!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

We close on the sale of our current residence on Friday and then Jen’s mom closes on the sale of her house on Tuesday the 26th.

Since we moved forward with the plans of moving Mom in to our newly constructed home (estimated completion: September 25!!), it’s been non-stop work on preparing her house to sell. The largest undertaking has involved purging the 20-plus years of junk. Today we felt as though the albatross was almost completely removed from our proverbial neck, but I personally did not escape physically unscathed.

I volunteered to go up into the attic above the garage and throw down the remaining boxes and carpet remnants stored up there. While sitting on one of the wooden beams, I leaned forward to grab a box when my foot put too much pressure on one of the floor panels. Next thing you know there was a loud collapsing sound. My gal will tell you that she quickly turned around to see my legs dangling from the garage ceiling! Thankfully the wooden beams were strong enough where I was able to pull myself up back into the attic. I suffered a slight cut on my left knee (no stitches required though) and bruising all up and down my left leg and thigh. Thankfully it’s nothing serious but it was enough to cause the gal great anxiety.

Next week we plan on being 100% complete with the clean-out and thus will be ready to move Mom’s belongings to a storage facility.

Yes, life will be dramatically different one year from now!


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