Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eddie Griffin + driving in March = Disaster!

In this my 300th career blog post, I refer you to a couple of automobile mishaps involving guys named Eddie Griffin.

In March 2006, NBA player Eddie Griffin crashes his SUV into a Minneapolis convenience store. Yes, he was drunk. But he also got distracted due to his watching adult DVDs on his portable video player…..while, uh, pleasuring himself.

In March 2007 (this past Monday to be exact), actor/comedian Eddie Griffin destroys a $1.5 million Ferrari while practicing for a charity race.

I happen to know that there is an Eddie Griffin who lives in my neck of the woods. I would just caution him to keep both hands on the steering wheel (ten o’clock and two o’clock, just like we learned in drivers ed) and don’t take the curves too quickly.

Especially while driving in March 2008.

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