Sunday, October 08, 2006

NFL Week 5.

As always, the following picks against the point spread are not to be used as a basis for a cash wager.

Titans (+18 ½) at Colts: The question here isn’t whether the Colts will win. Rather, will the Colts cover the point spread….by the end of the 1st quarter?
Pick: Colts

Redskins (+4 ½) at Giants: Through four weeks, I have as many sacks as Giants All-Pro DE Michael Strahan.
Pick: Redskins

Lions (+6 ½) at Vikings: My teenaged nephews, Nathan and Aaron, feel they could be the right side of the Viking offensive line and the Vikes would still beat the Lions. “Take Minnesota and the points, Uncle Brad.”
Pick: Vikings

Buccaneers (+6) at Saints: To avoid Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer, coach Jon Gruden has been using the service entrance upon arriving at Bucs headquarters.
Pick: Saints

Rams (-3) at Packers: This weeks Packers injury report: Brett Favre (mild concussion, pinched nerve in neck, sore shoulder, ringing in the ears) is probable.
Pick: Rams

Dolphins (+9 ½) at Patriots: After Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown failed in his attempt last week to complete a pass on a 2-point conversion, coach Nick Saban has suspended use of gadget plays. And here I was looking forward to QB Daunte Culpepper’s attempt at a drop-kick.
Pick: Dolphins

Bills (+10 ½) at Bears: This week’s tongue twister: Poor Peerless Price pounded persistently and profusely.
Pick: Bills

Browns (+8) at Panthers: Panthers DE Julius Peppers to re-live his basketball days by swatting footballs out of the air. Panthers win, Browns cover. Pick: Browns

Jets (+7) at Jaguars: At 6’6” and 238 lbs, Jags WR Matt Jones could double as a bouncer for unruly fans at home games.
Pick: Jaguars

Chiefs (-3 ½) at Cardinals: Cards rookie QB Matt Leinart will be making his first career start. The words “rookie quarterback” to a defensive lineman are the equivalent to a bell ringing within earshot of Pavlov’s dog.
Pick: Chiefs

Raiders (+3 ½) at 49ers: Samuel Goldwyn once said “If I could drop dead right now, I'd be the happiest man alive.” He must have been a 49ers fan.
Pick: 49ers

Cowboys (+2 ½) at Eagles: Cowboys WR Terrell Owens returns to Philly for the first time since his exile from the Eagles. I equate that to my Uncle Frank returning to a family gathering for the first time since everyone found out he was dating his nephew’s ex-wife (True story, by the way).
Pick: Eagles

Steelers (+3 ½) at Chargers: With the Chargers planning on wearing the “throwback” powder-blue jerseys on Sunday, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would like to go old school as well. He plans on donning the Terry Bradshaw hair piece.
Pick: Steelers

Ravens (+4) at Broncos: This week, Denver LB Nate Webster helped the Broncos' offense prepare for the Ravens by doing his best Ray Lewis impression. In the same mode, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan imitated trademark Brian Billick arrogance.
Pick: Broncos

Last Week: 7-7-0

Overall: 27-32-1

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