Monday, October 23, 2006

Look, up in the sky!!!

I thought I would share some video footage of my standing on the Egret Blvd overpass. I decided to promote Mark Kennedy’s US Senate candidacy to the commuters on Hwy 10 West in Coon Rapids.

In the scant few minutes I was in the area, there were no obscene gestures. That’s got to count for something!


Doug said...

Is this the same Kennedy that says at campaign stops that he wants to go to Washington "to change Washington"... That's he's the best guy to figure out what's "wrong in Washington snd what needs to change"... and "Change in Washington will take hard work"...

Brad, Buddy, Pal... Where has Mark Kennedy been for the last 6 years?

Who has had control of the House for the last six years?

How about the Senate?

The White House?

So let me get this straight... Mr Kennedy is the right guy for the job because he'll fix the problems that his own party created but has to date, has done nothing to fix?

Even if we take the assumption that the Republicans didn't create the problems in Washington, they had six years to fix them.

Please explain why anybody should take Kennedy - or you for that matter, serious?

Brad Carlson said...

For one thing, I like the idea of Kennedy's proposal for the line item veto. All of this outlandish government spending could be curbed significantly if you can get rid of junk like "The bridge to nowhere".

Secondly, he is totally committed to this country's security and will always act in the best interest of the U.S.

The GOP may have had control of both Congress and the White House for six years but there weren't enough conservatives, in my opinion. When the GOP is attached to names like Chafee, Hagel, Lindsey Graham, McCain, Snowe, etc. then things are not going get done as much a conservative face on the GOP.

Because you're a lib you won't admit it but the tax cuts have been a great thing for this country. And the President hit two home runs with his Supreme Court appointments.

Bottom line, there may be a better person than Kennedy to represent MN in the Senate but that person is not running in this race. That is why I say he is the right man for the job.

"Please explain why anybody should take Kennedy - or you for that matter, serious? "

Three words: Senator Amy Klobuchar.