Tuesday, April 14, 2020

No, President Trump, you do not.

In response to the sh*t show that was President Donald Trump's press briefing on Monday.

This is utterly false and should be rejected by those of all political stripes. Full stop.

As you might expect, one of many of Trump's fervent critics was quick to react.

This is undeniable, but there is a key distinction. Then President Barack "I've got a pen and I've got a phone" Obama actively usurped separation of powers by essentially creating legislation unilaterally when Congress didn't bend to his whim. Trump, however, has been little more than insufferable bluster via his Twitter feed and off-the-cuff remarks at pressers. While it's unpresidential and deeply irresponsible, his saying such things don't equate to crafting policy.

All that said, the media and many leftists (but I repeat myself) would be best served to lay off the narrative of "ZOMG, WHY ISN'T TRUMP DEMANDING A NATIONAL SHELTER IN PLACE?!?!?!" They seem to want it both ways in that Trump needs to impose his will on the states in terms of demanding people stay inside during this COVID-19 pandemic but is borderline criminal if he even suggests a timeline for Americans to be able to get back to earning a living.

Why does everything have to be so stupid?


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