Monday, April 30, 2018

Box Score of the Week

It was 10-cent beer night at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium on June 4, 1974 when the Indians hosted the Texas Rangers.

What could go wrong?


The Cleveland Plain Dealer carried a story about this incident on the 40th anniversary.

Retired sportswriter Dan Coughlin, who was in attendance, summed it up this way:

There were 25,134 fans.

60,000 Genesee beers at 10 cents each.

50 cops.

19 streakers

7 emergency room injuries.

9 arrests.

2 bare moons.

2 bouncing breasts.

1 sportswriter punched in the jaw.

It was the perfect storm. If they ever make a movie out of it, George Clooney will have to play the lead.

With the game tied after nine innings, the umpires declared a forfeit and awarded the visiting Rangers the victory.


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