Friday, December 15, 2017

You can't rationalize with the utterly irrational

Given whatever agenda item the Trump administration or Congressional Republicans put forth these days, the left will react with utter hysterics. Today's leftists are so irrational and deranged that there's no use in even trying to engage in an intellectual discussion.

The latest move which has "progressives" in a downright freakout is the Federal Communications Commission's decision to repeal the Obama era "net neutrality" regulations. Yes, proggies are utterly convinced that the decision to overturn a 2-year old reg will lead to outrageous costs for the privilege of utilizing something which has been a regular part of most Americans' lives for the past decade-plus. 

Since there's no rationalizing with people who have their collective heads so buried in the proverbial sand, we might as well have some fun at their expense. 

Despite he and his family being threatened with physical violence over this impending ruling, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai joined in on the fun by basically laughing in the face of his loony detractors.

To repeat an oft used phrase over the past two years: What a time to be alive.


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