Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Leftist Circular Firing Squads ramping up

When "progressives" went all in on the "resistance" movement, a philosophy which sought to de-legitimize the Donald Trump presidency, they had no clue how untenable a position that would be become. So when Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi recently met with Trump in an effort to craft bipartisan legislation addressing DACA, angry leftists (particularly illegal aliens) berated them for "normalizing" a sitting President of the United States.

Then earlier this month, far left Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was ripped by allies for merely having the audacity to suggest people exercise "patience" while Trump navigates his first term.

But what really caused many leftists to lose their collective minds had to do with former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer making an appearance at this past Sunday's Emmy Awards. Spicer entered the stage with a rolling podium, which was a direct reference to actress Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. Despite being the butt of so many jokes for his, at times, buffoonish behavior during White House press briefings (especially his defense of Trump's laughable over-estimations of January's inauguration crowd), I lauded Spicer for being able to be self-deprecating. Ah, but as Betsy Phetasy at The Federalist notes, the leftist media (pardon the redundancy) didn't see the humor in it.

I have no problem with Spicy doing the talk show circuit and rehabbing his image; he was made a laughingstock and deserves to have a little fun, too. What I do take issue with is today’s host of journos and bloggers clutching their pearls about how damaging it is to have Spicer appear on the Emmys. To those people, I ask: have you been alive for the past, well, forever?

All politicians lie. All of them. That’s what makes them politicians. Maybe they don’t lie as blatantly or overtly about stuff that is easily disproven, but they all lie and use Hollywood to shill for their agenda. Remember when President Obama appeared on “Between Two Ferns” to sell millennials on Obamacare? Remember Bill Clinton playing the sax on “The Arsenio Hall Show”? I do. And they all use their press secretaries to make sure their administration stays on brand.

It’s all spin. Why is anyone acting like Spicy did anything other than exactly what his job description required? It’s the press secretary’s job to lie to the American public. We can dress it up however we want, but that’s essentially what they’re doing.

In America, at any given time, approximately half the population believes the lie and the other half doesn’t. Then the power changes hands, the pendulum swings and suddenly you’re on the side defending the lie instead of fighting it. Some of us in the middle shrug and realize it’s all a farce and do our best to ride the tide trying to pull people in one direction or another.

There was also heavy criticism directed towards Emmys host Stephen Colbert for indulging in the Spicer bit.

Hollywood types and other leftists can pretend to be all indignant over someone they deem as undesirable as a President Trump, but let's be honest here. Much of what is being celebrated in the entertainment industry today has, at minimum, a perceived anti-Trump tinge to it.

"The Handmaid’s Tale” would have most certainly been good, but if Hillary were president, it wouldn’t have packed the same punch of visceral terror fueled by a p-ssy-hat-wearing nation, high on fear-mongering blogs about our dystopian future.

SNL became relevant for the first time in years. Stephen Colbert’s show was floundering before he found a focal point in Trump. He would not have hosted the Emmy Awards last night. His current success goes hand in hand with the Trump presidency.

The other hard truth Hollywood doesn’t like to look at: they helped lay the groundwork for a President Trump. They shoved reality TV and “Jersey Shore” and the Kardashians and, yes, “The Apprentice” down our throats for a decade. They chose trashy, cheap non-scripted sensationalism over thoughtful, scripted content because it was less expensive to produce. What exactly did they expect to get? Informed voters? A generation of intellectuals?

No. Hollywood is just as complicit in turning this country into a nation of brain-dead morons determined to vote against their own interests as are the partisan pundits, the mainstream media, the NFL, the liberal colleges, the failing school systems and we, the lazy voters. That’s the dichotomy of Hollywood. It loves to get uppity about politics and shame the flyover states for not being woke, but doesn’t hesitate to bring us Honey Boo Boo, either. Trump might not be the president we want, but he’s the president we deserve.

Again, are we absolutely certain Idiocracy wasn't a biography?


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