Thursday, December 08, 2016

FAQs: Volume III

You asked, I answered.

Q: Did you enjoy that helping of crow you had to digest upon Donald Trump being elected President?
A: I fully admitted how I was wrong about Trump's electoral chances at every turn. However, the main reasons for my opposing him (i.e. non-conservative policies, lacks the temperament for the job) remain legitimate concerns. For the sake of my beloved country, I would love to be incorrect there as well.

Q: Congrats on the new job! Do you like it thus far?
A: Thank you! And yes, I like it. I especially enjoy not having to endure what would have been an 85% increase in my individual health insurance premiums as well as now getting the opportunity to have a paid vacation.

Q: So do you have any vacations planned?
 A: The fetching Mrs. Carlson and I plan to visit some dear friends in Washington state in late July and then rent a car to drive down Highway 101 into the San Francisco Bay Area.

Q: Your Vikings started 5-0 and now will be lucky to make the playoffs. What happened? 
A: Their good start had a lot to do with a dominant defense (and it's still very good) but they benefited from a defensive score and/or a special teams touchdown almost every game in that 5-0 start. No way was that sustainable for an entire 16-game schedule. And what was a suspect offensive line to start the season is now (to steal an analogy from Dennis Miller) leakier than Mark Geragos on a diuretic drip.

Q: No-Shave November (aka "Movember") is now over. When are you getting rid of that beard?
A: I'm ridin' it all the may to "Manuary," baby! 


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Bike Bubba said...

Regarding beards, I'm thinking that just as my daughters have donated their hair to "Locks for Love" and wigs for cancer survivors, in a couple of years...... :^) Wanna join me?