Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New York state of mind

The Republican and Democrat presidential primaries took place last evening. And as expected, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prevailed in their respective primaries.

Just some general thoughts:

- Finishing a distant third behind Trump and John Kasich, Sen. Ted Cruz officially has no mathematical shot to reach 1,237 delegates before the July Republican National Convention. But even before that was official, Cruz has been pressing ahead as though no candidate will reach the 1,237 threshold before the RNC, so this is hardly a death knell for his campaign.

- Trump won 60.5% of the vote in New York yet is receiving approximately 95% of the delegates. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he wasn't engaging in his typical bitching and moaning about the process being "unfair" or "rigged."

- New Yorkers pitched a fit over Cruz's uncomplimentary phrase of "New York values" yet the winners of the two primaries were a con man (Trump) and a establishment corrupt-o-crat (Clinton). Yep, New Yorkers sure showed us.

- And finally, I'll just leave this here:


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