Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thousands of words

Tuesday was the day when Vikings officials and some local politicians gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Vikes' new stadium, which is slated to be ready for the 2016 season. The gathering took place just outside the Metrodome, which will be torn down in a matter of weeks and replaced with the aforementioned Taj MaZygi.

I've written enough in this space regarding my disdain over the hundreds of millions of dollars which will be extracted from Minnesota taxpayers. And since the top GOP candidates for Minnesota governor (Jeff Johnson and Dave Thompson) were adamantly opposed to the stadium from day one, it's an issue they can hang around the neck of incumbent governor Mark Dayton. 

Speaking of Dayton, did you happen to see the brilliant photo of he and Vikings owner Zygi Wilf at the ceremony?

Photo courtesy of Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe

That would be Wilf on the left. Check out that grin on his face. That appears to be an expression that screams "Thanks, suckas!!!!" And then you have our beloved governor on the right. Call me crazy, but the way he's slinging that shovel gives an appearance that he not only has never utilized such an instrument but also that he hasn't the first clue what it is. Regardless, the fact the governor is slinging dirt is symbolic in a) the way he and his surrogates campaign and b) the financial health of the state of Minnesota being buried.

Another "picture is worth a thousand words" moment occurred when authors of the stadium bill (Rep. Morrie Lanning and Sen. Julie Rosen) were pictured with Gov. Dayton.

Photo courtesy of Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe

It has been rumored for some time that Rosen may jump into the race for the Republican nomination for MN governor. Despite there being no official word from her camp expressing "yea" or "nay", there was a report within the past few weeks indicating that Rosen will not enter the race. But if indeed Sen. Rosen still intends on going through the charade of officially announcing her intention not to run, I suggest just releasing this photo to the public. It will serve as a reminder of Rosen's unabashed support for dinging MN taxpayers in order to finance a football stadium, thus effectively blunting much of the support she'd receive from the GOP base.

And now the Dayton camp can proceed with "the GOP is waging a war on women" chanting point.


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