Sunday, June 02, 2013

Change of scenery

I learned via my friend Mark Heuring that fellow blogger Speed Gibson is movin' on from the his long-time blog.

In my opinion, Speed covered local issues as well as anyone. While national politics typically garner the"sexier" headlines, delving into topics involving shenanigans with local school districts and municipalities typically doesn't interest even the most ardent political observers. Nevertheless, Speed was willing to deliver comprehensive posts in those areas.

I first learned of Speed's blog in 2005 when I learned he was delivering weekly recaps of AM 1500 KSTP's Sunday show The Next Big Thing, which one could call the American Idol of the Twin Cities radio market. When my pal Greg Bittner and I had our two hours on the air on Father's Day of that year, the first place I went the next morning was to Speed's place to read his review. I'll always appreciate the effusive praise he gave us. The fact that radio was something I've wanted to do since the 1980s and finally was given an opportunity to fulfill made it that much more special when an independent observer (or in this case, listener) took the time to critique it. Five years later, when I was a mere fill-in at AM 1280, Speed once again was kind enough to take the time to compliment my on-air performance.

Over the past 7-8 years, I've attended almost every Minnesota Organization of Bloggers biannual soiree. For all the gatherings I saw Speed, he seemed to be getting slimmer every time. His dedication to living a healthier lifestyle was something which he took a tremendous amount of pride. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that was perhaps the preeminent reason he's moving on from his prior blogging content.

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in nutrition, health, fitness, and some of the related politics. So, I will soon be starting a new blog, maybe even a podcast, to recount my efforts and share what I've learned. The biggest lesson seems to be that there is too much unproven and counterproductive information out there and that will be my focus. To cut the fat, you first need to cut the crap. I'll keep you posted via Twitter, continuing there as SpeedGibson.

So as I pull up just short of nine years across three hosting sites, my thanks to my readers of course. But with new-found respect, my thanks also those continuing on, especially at TrueNorth.

 Continued success to you in all your endeavors, Speed.


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