Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day picks

Today is not a national holiday, but it should be. Opening Day of the baseball season is here!!! It's a day where every team feels they have a shot to make a run to the World Series --- but check back with them in June.

Anyhow, I've put on the record my American League picks. I have the Twins, Red Sox and Athletics winning their divisions with the White Sox getting in the postseason as the wild card.

National League? I say the Reds, Phillies and Rockies win their respective divisions with the defending World Series champion Giants taking the wild card.




Palm boy said...

I think you missed the mark in the AL West, Texas is just getting started on another run at the Fall Classic

Brad Carlson said...

Based on a 3% sample of the regular season? I'm thinkin' we need to rein it in a little bit.