Friday, February 05, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: The Q & A

Super Bowl Sunday will be upon us again soon. Despite the fact this will be the 33rd consecutive Super Bowl not featuring my Minnesota Vikings, I will still be in the customary position of sitting in someone else’s living room eating someone else’s food while watching someone else’s Hi Def TV.

And as is custom on this blog, the fellow known as Super Bowl Inquisitor will engage in a Q&A with yours truly regarding the big game. Sure, it’s painful knowing that my favorite squad was oh so close to being the NFC representative in this game. But I figure a little jocularity with my pal SBI will go a long way in helping me overcome the devastation.

SBI: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will take on the New Orleans Saints, the very franchise for which his Dad Archie played 12 seasons. Any shock Archie is going to pull for the Colts?
BC: C’mon, really? That’s like being surprised that Bob Dylan would pull for The Wallflowers to beat out Bruce Springsteen for a Grammy.

SBI: Is this the first time that a Super Bowl will feature two players named Pierre (Garcon for the Colts; Thomas for the Saints)?
BC: Probably. But I’d be more impressed if there was just one player named “Shecky.”

SBI: Any thoughts on the “Who Dat?” controversy?
BC: I guess I’m amazed that the Saints fans were so ahead of their time by using language one often sees in today’s routine text message.

SBI: What do you believe is the key matchup in this game?
BC: Definitely the Saints passing offense and what they can do against the Colts D. While New Orleans has a “running back by committee”, the Colts, with the injury to stud DE Dwight Freeney, may be stuck with “pass rush by appointment only.”

SBI: Any predictions as to which players will have a big game for either team?
BC: Well……I know who I’m pulling for. The more big plays made by Saints RB Reggie Bush, the more gratuitous camera shots of Kim Kardashian.

SBI: Does your wife even attempt to talk to you while you’re so engrossed in a football game?
BC: As a courtesy, she does not. But during commercial breaks she will hand me notes of discontent.

SBI: What’s on the menu?
BC: I’m sure it will be any variety of foods which causes one to repeat like a howitzer.

SBI: Are you looking forward to the halftime entertainment by…..uh…. that band that formed in London around the ‘60s?
BC: Who?

SBI: Yes!
BC: Oh, I like them! My favorite song of theirs is Owner of a Lonely Heart.

SBI: Wait, WHAT? The Who doesn’t sing that song.
BC: I didn’t say they did. Yes does.

SBI: I’m aware of that. But it’s The Who who’s performing at the half.
BC: The Who is?

SBI: Yes.
BC: Ah, I see where you going with this. Nope, I won’t get fooled again!

SBI: What are you talking about?
BC: You were trying to lure me into one of those Abbott & Costello “Who’s on first” bits. But I saw that comin’. Yep, I can see for miles.

SBI: Whatever. Let’s move on to the game…..
BC: Kickoff is around 5:15 by the way.

SBI: Uh Huh. Anyhow, can we wrap this up by getting your official Super Bowl prediction?
BC: I’m willing to join together with you to get this wrapped up! Bottom line, you can’t spell Peyton Williams Manning without “Peyton wins all Miami.” The Colts are five-point favorites. I say they win by a final score of 38-31.

2009 Postseason Record:

Straight up: 5-5

Against the spread: 7-3



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