Friday, January 19, 2007

Aren't you supposed to be in Ireland?

Didn’t actor Robert Redford threaten to move out of the country if President Bush were re-elected in 2004? Huh. He must have had a change of heart.

Anyhow, Bob’s perpetual haughtiness was on display last evening.

The Sundance Film Festival opened on Thursday night with an innovative movie harkening back to Vietnam anti-war protests and a call by actor/activist Robert Redford for an apology by U.S. leaders.

Redford, whose Sundance Institute for independent film backs the annual festival, said in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks he, like many others, showed a "spirit of unity" with President George W. Bush and others who backed the war on terrorism and led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

"We put all our concerns on hold to let the leaders lead," Redford told a packed audience for the opening night documentary film, "Chicago 10."

"I think we're owed a big, massive apology," he added.

So are we…from you, Bob!! After all, we movie goers had to sit through the entire 117 minutes of Indecent Proposal.


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StarBittrune said...

I had the same feeling when I heard Alec Baldwin rant about President Bush in 2002. [Insert sound clip of Princess Leia saying, "Why are you still here??!!"] In 2000, Baldwin promised he would move to France if George Bush was elected president. It's been seven years now, Alec. Before you say anything more, please pack your bags. It's getting late.

The late Robert Altman made a similar promise. He has since left the country, but not quite according to plan.

Jonah Goldberg wrote a great column about these Hollywood hissy-fits in 2000: