Monday, July 10, 2006

The first six years!

Well, another half-year in the books. Can you believe it? The end of the first six months of a year are quite tumultuous for me in my profession. I work in the Finance industry for a Twin Cities company which means I spent the past week closing the books for the first half-year.

Since the company I work for is a division of a U.K.-owned corporation, I had to coordinate my deadline with the parent company. So when I inquired as to the UK recognizing the 4th of July, my English colleague replied “Of course. We also recognize the 5th, the 6th, etc.”

Yes, there’s nothing worse than an impudent Brit.

Anyhow, since July 3 & 4 were holidays, I had three days to complete my work as opposed to the normally allotted five.

In the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield in the movie Back to School, “I feel like I just gave birth….TO AN ACCOUNTANT!”

Friday, July 7 marked six years of wedded bliss for my gal & me! I just realized that next year will be extra special. On 07/07/07 we will celebrate 7 years!! That’s quite the statistical anomaly.

Well, not really. What about those couples who celebrated five years on 05/05/05 or the ones who recognized their fourth anniversary on 04/04/04 or…

All right, already! I get it!

Anyhow, given the veritable whirlwind that was my work week last week, I ended up working until 8:30 pm on Friday evening --- MY ANNIVERSARY!

Ah, but there was never any need for panic on my part. In fact, I had a nice meal waiting for me upon my arrival Friday evening. Wow, am I married to great gal or what??!!

OK, what did you have to do to make up for being late?

Haven’t you been paying attention? I am married to the sweetest, most understanding woman I know. Just the fact that we have had a relatively smooth road the first six years brings all the happiness she could ask for.*

Happy Anniversary, babe!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

*OK, I promised a special vacation getaway on our 10th anniversary.

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