Monday, December 18, 2017

Great moments

As has been tradition for more than a decade, kickoff at a Minnesota Vikings home game is preceded by someone (typically a celebrity) blowing on the Gjallarhorn.

Prior to the yesterday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, it was former Navy SEAL Robert J. O'Neill (the guy who fired the kill shot on Osama bin Laden) who had the honor of sounding the gigantic horn. O'Neill promoted his appearance via Twitter a few hours before game time.

One Twitter user had a suggestion for O'Neill if any members of the either team knelt during the Star Spangled Banner.

O'Neill's response?

That and QB Teddy Bridgewater seeing his first live on-field action since his gruesome knee injury 15-1/2 months ago were my two favorite moments on a day the Vikings clinched the NFC North Division title with a 34-7 win!


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