Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Doing the job the Minnesota media hasn't

Keith Ellison, who represents the bluest Congressional District in the state of Minnesota, was finally grilled on his ties to Nation of Islam leader (and anti Semite) Louis Farrakhan.

We'll get back to that.

Since first being elected to Congress in 2006, the Minnesota mainstream media has largely avoided scrutiny of Ellison's history, particularly his ties to Farrakhan as well as a 2008 trip to Saudi Arabia which was funded by the Muslim Brotherhood. Now that Ellison is running for Attorney General of Minnesota, he should garner more substantive questions of his history if he winds up winning the the DFL primary in August. I'm not holding my breath that it would happen but it is something we as Minnesotans should demand nonetheless. 

Thankfully CNN's Jake Tapper, who has as low a tolerance for b.s. as any journalist since the late great Tim Russert, wasn't going to let Ellison off the hook. While railing against the Trump administration's "travel ban" (which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court) as overtly bigoted, Ellison was clearly not prepared to field questions about his own brush with an individual who has proudly displayed his hatred for certain individuals. 

Ellison may have a point in that he was caught by surprise that Tapper would grill him on his personal relationships in an interview which was supposed to be about the SCOTUS decision on the travel ban. But if nothing else it reveals how little scrutiny Ellison has been under given his weak deflections in the Tapper interview.

The bottom line is Ellison has been able to do whatever he likes for 12 years while facing little to no consequences. He called his 2012 GOP Congressional opponent a "low life scumbag" on a live radio debate. He's proudly advocated for the thuggish Antifa group. And even though he's attempting to be elected Minnesota's top lawyer, he's for complete lawlessness at the southern border.

But life, as Keith Ellison knows it, is now over. If he's going to win a statewide election, he can't do so from the safe confines of urban areas and first ring suburbs. He'll actually have to campaign outstate to appeal to voters who overwhelmingly support President Trump.

It's on now!


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