Friday, January 11, 2008

Sports Einstein of the Week: Kelly Tilghman

Tiger Woods is, in my humble (but accurate) opinion, the best Pro golfer who has ever lived.

Woods’ later father, Earl, was part black. But Tiger’s race has become pretty much a non-issue once he started dominating the sport this millennia.

Unfortunately, the racial component has been thrust back into the headlines after a remark made by Golf Channel commentator Kelly Tilghman.

During their usual post-round banter as they wrapped up Day 2 at the Plantation Course at Kapalua, Tilghman and cohort Nick Faldo discussed young players who could possibly challenge Tiger. Faldo, ever the joker, said perhaps the youngsters should "gang up (on Tiger) for a while." The pair laughed a bit before Tilghman responded by saying, "Lynch him in a back alley."

I happened to hear the audio of this conversation. Combine that with the context and I do not believe in any way that Tilghman was purposely making a racist remark. But certainly she could have come up with a more constructive term than “lynching.” She must have been bitten by the disease that inflicted former Governor Jesse Ventura: Speak first, think later.


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