Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sports Einstein of the Week: Dutch Wydo.

Every Saturday morning I’m up by 8:00 am to listen to Saturday Sports Talk with Dutch Wydo. Dutch, my wife’s cousin, broadcasts live 9-10 ET from a small station near Pittsburgh. If you like sports, do yourself a favor and check out Dutch's show sometime. They have a webcast available at

While I am impressed with Dutch’s knowledge and insight into the world of sports, his credibility took a hit on his show this morning. He seems convinced that the New England Patriots have been cheating since they won their first Super Bowl after the 2001 season, despite the 2007 regular season opener being the first time they were cited.

Anyhow, Dutch’s logic went something like this:

The St Louis Rams played at New England during the ’01 regular season. In the Rams 24-17 win, they racked up 482 yards of total offense against the Pats. But somehow in the Super Bowl a few months later, the Patriots were able to spring a 20-17 upset despite being the vastly inferior team in terms of stats, records, etc. Dutch was of the opinion that coach Bill Belichick used his spy cameraman against the Rams that Super Bowl, which accounted for the dramatic turnaround in results.

So let’s see if I have this straight:

In a 7-point loss in a November 2001 regular season game, the Pats weren’t cheating because they allowed almost 500 yards of offense. However, they somehow forced the Rams into three turnovers.

But in a 3-point win in the Super Bowl, the Pats were cheating? Forget the fact they again gave up big yardage (427 yards total offense by the Rams) and once again New England forced three turnovers.

Huh. With that kind of overwhelming evidence, I have no idea how the New England Patriots managed to get away with it all these years.


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