Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sports Einstein of the Week: Travis Johnson

In last Sunday’s NFL action, Miami Dolphins QB Trent Green suffered a devastating concussion. It happened on a play where Green was attempting to throw a block for one of his teammates on a running play. He upended Houston Texans DT Travis Johnson with a block at the legs. However, Green got the worst of that play as his head smacked against one of Johnson’s knees. Green left the game on a stretcher.

After the Texans 22-19 win, Johnson was asked about the play. His answer earned him this week’s “Sports Einstein of the Week.”

"(Green)’s like the scarecrow. He wants to get courage while I wasn't looking and hit me in my knee instead of trying to hit me in my head."

Obviously Johnson was alluding to the classic film The Wizard of Oz with his scarecrow reference. But if he’s so familiar with the movie, he should know that it was the character of the Cowardly Lion who was seeking courage. The Scarecrow was attempting to find a brain.

Perhaps Johnson should follow suit.


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