Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sports Einstein of the Week: Orestes Destrade.

The ESPN show Baseball Tonight is notorious for having former major leaguers on their program to serve as commentators. Typically, these ex-ballplayers are name recognizable but far from Hall of Fame caliber. Even worse, they’re not the most well spoken gentlemen either.

Case in point: Orestes Destrade.

After steroid infested eventual home run king Barry Bonds went through most of July mired in a hitting slump, he appeared one Sunday on the Chicago-based radio show of Rev. Jesse Jackson. After that discussion, it was observed by many that Bonds seemed to have a much calmer demeanor.

In an installment of Baseball Tonight, Destrade commented on Bonds laid back approach and how it was sparked by his meeting with the “Reverend Jesse James.”

Come on, Orestes. Don’t you realize that Jesse James was an outlaw who stole from others? Sheesh. I can’t figure out how in the world you could confuse Jesse James with Jesse Jackson.


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