Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sports Einstein of the week: Kyle Farnsworth

Last evening, the New York Yankees were leading the Oakland A’s 2-1 in the eighth inning. Yanks reliever Kyle Farnsworth just got the second out of the inning when he was pulled from the ball game by manager Joe Torre in favor of closer extraordinaire Mariano Rivera. Farnsworth proceeded to storm off the field and then angrily threw his glove in disgust once he reached the dugout.

Apparently Farnsworth had a problem getting pulled despite:

-having allowed two base runners in the 8th with his team nursing a one-run lead.

-a left handed hitter coming to the plate (lefties are hitting .295 against him).

-being replaced by maybe the best closer this game has seen.

So my “Sports Einstein of the Week” goes to Kyle Farnsworth. I guess he believes he knows more than manager Torre, who has only managed four World Series winners, and also thinks he’s better qualified to get a big out than a guy who has over 400 career saves.


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